How to Get Related Posts Widget Below Posts

  The power of suggestion may be the strongest way to make someone do something. It's like your friend asking you to visit a website or watch a video : you will do it 90 % of the time, right? Using that technique, we can encourage visitors on our blog to read even more posts! How? Using a simple recommendation widget of course! Putting it strategically below each post (where readers usually end up after reading the current post) can tell readers what to do next. In this case, putting numerous links with pictures of your other posts can influence readers to go and read your other posts! However, most people don't know how to code such widgets, so there are websites that can help you make these widgets for FREE! Here they are :

Outbrain is a simple widget that allows you to customize certain features of your widget before putting it on your blog. It is compatible with many platforms such as blogger, Drupal, Wordpress, Typepad and Squarespace. You can also get the Javascript code manually and install it to your blog/website. They allow you to insert certain features such as star ratings or like buttons. The design is also very modern and suitable for any blog layout. 

2) LinkWithin

LinkWithin is one of the most popular choices for this kind of widget for bloggers. However, I don't see why. It is easy to setup and all, but Outbrain has a much better design and no bugs as compared to LinkWithin, which shows even posts that you've deleted (yes, I had that before). Thus, I'm just going to put this here if you want to try it out.

Did you find any other sources and want to add them here? Comments below! Full credits will be given and your blog link will also be put here. 


Buy domains said...

Today I have got two widgets from your site. Keep on doing. I am eagerly waiting for your next widget.

Graphic Design Inspiration said...

For the past two weeks, I've been testing Outbrain recommendation engine at my blog. Pretty good so far

Sam Sinister said...

Uh, I can't seem to get anywhere on the Outbrain site. Clicking "text" and "javascript" on the widgets page just changes the URL in my address bar, while leaving me on the same page. ANyone else have this issue on the Outbrain site??