Blog Templates Can Make A Difference

  One of the first processes of making a blog is designing the template. Usually, basic templates are made by the hosting website to let you choose from. However, these templates are limited. Templates also affect your blog very much. It can affect the amount of readers, pageviews etc. If you get the wrong template, your blog may end up shoo-ing away visitors just when they see the header. 

  The main thing is: What is a good blog template?

  Here is the blog template of

  If you notice, only the title of the posts and a short part of the post is shown. That way, many posts can be shown in a single page and people can easily browse through the posts they want to read and just skip the ones they don't want to read. The short part of the post also initiates the reader's interest about the post and he/she will automatically click and view the whole post in a new tab. 

  Also, there is a small widget of popular posts in Problogger that does wonders. Though small and unattractive, readers who notice it can get around easily in the blog, knowing which posts are for beginners, which are all time populars and so on. Popular posts gives readers the impression that the post must be good and valuable, thus they will want to view more.

  Isn't a good blog template wonderful? Try it out on your blog! I'm sure it'll bring more pageviews for you!