What is Good Content?

  You can go Google any blog tip on how to get high traffic count, how to get many subscribers, how to get a money-generating blog or any other way to improve your blog's popularity, and there is always the part that says : write good content.

  Yeah, thanks a lot bloggers who wrote that without further explanation. We all know that, but what is good content? It's kind of abstract to explain it, but there are certain standards and guidelines that should be followed by every blogger. Here are some of the guidelines and standards set and should be followed to be considered as good quality content :

1) No plagiarism 
      This point should be pretty obvious. Copying some other bloggers' content is totally unacceptable, stupid and should never be done. This is just going to ruin your reputation and you will not be able to successfully apply for many affiliate or advertisement programs. Your blog will also never get quality traffic. (Mind you, google-ing images and putting them on your blog is counted plagiarism too!)

2) Add pictures

      Blog posts and photos are tied together just like mashed potatoes and gravy.  One without the other will taste really weird and not as perfect. Together, they're awesome! Always try to insert photos into blog posts (that are relevant, of course) to spice it up and make it more interesting. If it's going to be all words, not many people can actually bear to read the whole thing without any illustrations. Keep readers spirits up with great pictures!

3) Write with accurate grammar

      Writing with grammar or spelling mistakes once every few sentences is not going to make your blog look professional is it? Please write with understandable and accurate English with few or even no errors at all to make your blog easily understood by the readers. Another tip : Never put short forms of words on your blog, it can be very hard for readers to read your blog smoothly.

4) Have structured posts
       Structure is very important to let readers see the points in your blog posts easily. Elaboration can be added to help readers further understand the meaning of your posts. Some examples of structured posts are posts that are in point form or posts that are categorized.

5) Write from the heart and soul

       Writing what you really love can help you touch your readers and connect with them. This is what writing is all about. If you write something you are forced to write, and not something from the bottom of your heart, what are the chances that your product will be awesome? Writing is about the passion, not about the money.

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