Way to Attract Traffic to Your Blog

  Hey! This is my second post on driving traffic to your blog. Haven't seen the first? Check it out:


  Anyway, here's a few more ways to get traffic is by joining social blog websites where you can put interesting stories from your blog into those websites. You can also write about anything else or get it from other sources.

  Basically, this is how it works:
1) People who have accounts on these social blog websites log in.
2) They randomly scroll through different posts like recently added or popular posts.
3) Ooohhh! What a post! (It's your post, they click and visit your blog.)
4) They like/dislike your blog. People who like may follow your blog, then rate your post at the social blog website and comment!. Others may just skip through or leave a comment/feedback.

  Simple? Well, the problem is at step number 3. You have to get people to find your posts by making it to the top news. 

  Here are some websites where you can get started:

1) Digg
2) Delicious
3) StumbleUpon
4) Yahoo Buzz
5) Slashdot
6) Reddit
7) Propeller
8) Innit Nuffnang

  If you want to use link number 8, you have to be a member of Nuffnang's Advertising Community and be a Glitterati member. Don't worry, it's all free! Just have fun joining!

 Mind sharing your results after trying these out? Please comment below, thanks!