How to Promote Your Blog for Free!

As a blogger, I'm sure most of you are trying to get traffic flowing into your blog. This is quite difficult in the beginning if you do nothing as a new blog is not widely visited. To enhance your blog's traffic and performance, here are a few tips I can share with you people out there:

Facebook Posts
  Facebook as a social website? Yeah, or so they say. Of course, sharing your link with your friends onto their walls is kind of helpful, it increases your traffic tremendously. I tried it before, my daily views became from 0-10 to 40-90. But of course, this has a bad side of it.

  Every friend who has a Facebook account and saw your posts will say that you spam and they'll hate you for that. If you don't care, well, good luck!

  Have a twitter account and plenty of followers? Well, tweet-ing about your blog is helpful too! It has the same effect as Facebook posts, but you have to have a lot of followers to let it have a tremendous effect.

  Once again, another simple yet effective way to enhance traffic. Sending emails to introduce your blog can help a lot!

Link, link and MORE links
  Linking your blogs to other blogs, videos or other sources can let the whole world see your link. Commenting on other people's blogs or websites and linking your blog, especially famous blogs, can really help.

  Obviously, letting public see your blog link ain't a crime, so why not try it? As long as you don't spam irrelevant comments, its not bad at all.

Put your blog on search engines
Putting your blog on search engines such as Technorati, Google and others makes your blog searchable on these search engines, thus increasing your traffic too.

Install a blogroll
A blogroll is like what I put on the lower right side of my blog, a list of other people's blogs. Saying that these are your friends blogs can bring traffic to your friend and yourself. Simple, yet effective socializing way.

Add comments bar in your blog
Allowing people to comment on your blog makes them give you ideas to improve and to communicate with them. This makes the people who comment permanent visitors to your blog and even followers.

And, the last, but most importantly,
Write well. Writing well is the most important aspect in attracting readers to your blog. That's why they are called readers in the first place!