Chat Box Wonders

  The chat box is a well-known widget that casual bloggers love to put on their sidebars. On the outside, people know it as a place for anyone to chat with the admin or other visitors for fun, to trade ideas and so on. But is this all you can use it for?

  Chat Box Uses:

1. Link-exchange
  When I went blog-walking, I saw some blogs with chat boxes and decided to read what was in the chat box. There were some chatting topics here and there, but mostly, new visitors were leaving their links there and typing stuff like, 'I visited your blog, come visit me back." and other kinds of sentences. That way, not only the owner of the blog, but the other visitors who see your link at the chat box will click the link out of curiosity. That way, not only people can know new, active bloggers, they may even find the perfect blog to satisfy their hunger for good blog content. 

2. Putting their advertisement links
  As we all know, online advertising is becoming the new way to advertise a product. Websites such as YouthSays offer you different advertising campaigns, where you are paid if someone clicks your link or spends at your link. Some people use chat boxes as a place to leave their advertising links that may be misleading, or they tell you what the link is about. Actions like this are intolerable if you spam the whole chat box or mislead people to think the link is something else. 

3. A place to change opinions
  You might be wondering: don't people change opinions at comment boxes? Well, you cannot see all the comments at the main page of a blog as they usually only show the number of comments, and even that is small! Thus, chat boxes, which are easily seen, can be used to change opinions and talk about different topics! 

  So, why not start your chat box today? You can go to ShoutMix for a basic chat box. Have fun!