Get Free and Beautiful Blogger Templates

Many people may complain that their blog designs are not satisfying enough to them. The option given to them is that they can go buy a domain, have full control over their blog design and do it themselves. However, most people won't want to fork out the money to buy and host a domain. So what is the other best alternative for bloggers (especially those who use Blogger, because their designs aren't very beautiful 
and cannot be fully edited to your every whim) to get free templates? Here is the solution:

Get FREE pre-designed templates from various websites
  There is no such thing as perfection, but people strive to achieve it anyway. Same goes for blog designing. There will never be a perfect blog design that suits everyone, so the best is to choose, well, the BEST! Thus, various FREE templates have been offered by designers to give you awesome designs with no cost at all. Here are some sites that I personally recommend as they have great layouts and templates that are easy to setup: 


      One of the most popular choices for free blogger templates has to be It is updated frequently (everyday) with new templates that look fabulous. Full instructions for setup are also given so that you can smoothly install your new template without any hassle. Highly recommended if you want a wide range of templates to choose from with the high design quality.

Rating : 4.7 out of 5


  Another alternative is They have lesser blog templates for you to choose from, but the design quality is amazing, creative and really of top standards. The beautiful designs are largely suitable for life blogs, but there are also professional designs for the more serious and commercialized bloggers. The templates are also categorized very neatly to help you choose what you want. 

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

3) has also gained popularity due to its simplicity in presenting blog templates and the great designs available there that are updated on a daily basis. The blog templates there bring out beauty by keeping things simple. Most have ad-spaces built in to make it easy to position ads. Templates are also categorized neatly based on both style and theme to help you choose the one you want easily rather than going through the whole album.

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

  These 3 websites have the most templates and the most beautifully designed ones, so I've compiled for your convenience. 

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