Increasing Your Chances of Getting Noticed on Social Bookmarking Sites

  Everyone says that social bookmarking can generate traffic to your blog. Though it it true, what are the chances of your blog post getting noticed rather than other people? To increase your chances, gaining popularity is the way to go. But how? That's what I'm here to tell you!

 1) Comment on others
      To get others attention, a kind comment on their posts would help a lot. Please give sincere comments and not just asking them to go to your blog. This will be considered as spam and shall be ignored by the blog owner. True comments will be valued by the blog owner and inserting your blog link won't do any harm. 

 2) Bond with others

       Find a way to connect to any blog owner who is very active. Have a nice chat and exchange blog posts links that interest both of you. Introduce this person to your other friends and the other person will do the same for you (ask him/her to if needed). Read my other blog post about this point here.

  3) Build your popularity
        Once you have done the things above, build your popularity by writing good blog posts, giving a good first impression to new visitors (Read my post about it here), keeping them and they will frequently visit your blog! Posts on social bookmarking sites that are highly visited will usually appear at the first page as a top visited post, thus will attract more people to read.