3 Things to Know Before You Start Blogging

  Yes, it's the typical day that you heard the wonders that blogging can do to your life and you want to give it a try. But before you start plunging into the blogosphere, let me give you some so-called 'guidelines' to tell you the do's and don'ts of blogging.

How to Remove Blogger Navbar

  Don't know what a navbar is? It's the small bar that appears above every Blogger's blog. 
  It is also noticeable in the page elements. However, you cannot move or remove the navbar using the normal way. You have to use CSS to edit it to make it become hidden. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Use ShareThis

  First, do you even know what ShareThis is? It is a website than can help you create a share widget for visitors to share your blog/website to their friends. An example of this can be found at the top of my blog's left sidebar. Now you understand what it is, let me tell you why you SHOULD get it in this simple blog tip:

Creating the "Read More" Button / Creating Post Summaries (For Blogspot/Blogger)

  To squeeze more posts into a page, yet using minimal space to make sure your visitors can see most of your posts in a glance, is very easy to do with the "jump break" function. In this blog tutorial, I will be showing you how to customize the "read more" button to make it more eye-catching, rather than the boring old text.  Let's move on to the steps : 

Buying a Domain vs Using a "Free" Domain

   The common question that arises into a blogger's head is whether forking out some money to buy a domain is the right thing, or using the so-called "free" domains (Wordpress, Blogger etc.). There are a few pros and cons of buying a domain and not buying one, and also different factors that affect your choice. So, it is very important that you know your needs and how buying a domain helps you, whether it's worth it spending the money and so on. Let's start with the main differences now : 
When you buy a domain...

Finding The Right Niche for Your Blog

  In respond to my post about niche blogging (check it out here), I'll share a bit on how I found my way into the topic I'm writing about now. Although it took me quite a while (over 4 months to be exact), I finally decided on what I should be writing about in my blog (*Phew*). So now, I'm going to help all of you so that you can decide much faster and easier! 

  Here are some of the steps I compiled to determine my topic:

1) Write down what comes to your mind in 30 seconds on a piece of paper