Finding The Right Niche for Your Blog

  In respond to my post about niche blogging (check it out here), I'll share a bit on how I found my way into the topic I'm writing about now. Although it took me quite a while (over 4 months to be exact), I finally decided on what I should be writing about in my blog (*Phew*). So now, I'm going to help all of you so that you can decide much faster and easier! 

  Here are some of the steps I compiled to determine my topic:

1) Write down what comes to your mind in 30 seconds on a piece of paper

  This method is seriously effective. I have tried numerous times while choosing my niche to determine what I'm interested in. To get results effectively, I recommend you go it spontaneously (like asking your siblings to start the timer randomly) so that you can really squeeze that brain juice out naturally and let it flow onto the paper. Once you've done that, look at those interests on your paper and think properly. Will you be able to write each topic for the next few years, or even for a living? (Okay, maybe it's not that bad. But  see the possibilities). That way, you can eliminate the possible topics you want to blog about. To compare a few topics, you can use Google Trends to find out which is searched more and choose your topic from there.

2) All about interest
  There's bound to be something you are interested in, so why not blog about it? It's much easier to blog about something you love because the ideas just come out so easily. You may change your interests once in awhile, but once you've determined one that you really love, then start blogging about it. There's no need to worry if it's not frequently searched on search engines, because you can always start a new thing on the Internet. The possibilities are endless! 

3) Start random, end up specified!
  If you're still unsure on what topic to blog about, go randomly then! Just start a blog and post whatever you want to post with no fixed topic. After a few months, you'll start seeing what topic most of your posts are about. From there, you can start a new niche blog based on that topic. This process may take quite awhile if you're indecisive so be patient and you will be rewarded!

That's all for now. Start blogging today! Please subscribe to my blog on the right sidebar or follow my blog. Come visit often! :D