Why niche blogging?

  First, do you actually know:

What is niche blogging?
Basically, niche blogging is like having a blog about a certain topic only. Let's say you chose the topic photography. Your niche blog is about only photography and nothing else, meaning the whole blog has the same content-about photography.

Now we got that covered. Next, the main question:

Why niche blogging?
If you blog about only one topic in your whole blog, people who are attracted to one post they read may lead them to other posts as the posts are about the same thing. As opposed to that, if you blog about any random topic in your blog, people who are interested in this post may be not interested in the other random topics of your blog. If he/she gets bored, he/she will just leave your blog. Niche blogs usually get loyal readers that want to read only on a certain topic that a niche blog provides. If your blog is what he/she wants, then congratulations! You have a loyal reader!

How does niche blogging get you better income?
A niche blog helps advertisers find the relevant blog that has a connection with their ads. For example: a blog about photography can get ads about new cameras to put in his/her blog. Readers who read about photography are naturally interested in the topic, thus cameras are relevant to this topic and can get attract more interested people to know more about the ad. On the other hand, blog with random posts makes it difficult for advertisers to choose the right ad to put in your blog as there are too many topics. Imagine finding a guitar sale ad right next to a post about animals. Off topic isn't it? This reduces the number of potential customers that will want to find out more about the ad. 

Doesn't labels help blog readers get around in your blog?
Let me ask you: How many of you who are interested to find out about blog tips on my blog are going to click the label to find out more? Let me guess: None? Blog readers can really be as lazy as they can get (even I am). The content they want is not shown on the page? Out of their reading list. They usually don't bother checking labels as it takes time.

I'm more of a personal blogger than a blog-to-earn blogger. Is this step necessary? (Changing to a niche blog)
If you are just going to blog about your life and personal stuff, then it doesn't really matter. Your income is not that important as it just gives you a small sum of money. It does not really affect you unless you're going to be a professional blogger full-time.

  The conclusion is, niche blogging helps to increase your income. I think I'll have to go niche blogging to. On my next posts, I'll reveal on how to choose your topic for blogging!


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