Knowing the Best Free Blog Hosting Websites

  One of the most basic things needed to start a blog is finding the right blog hosting website. What are these websites for? Basically, they give you a domain that is either free or you have to pay for it, then you can blog all you want with your blog. Choosing the right hosting website is important as it affects your blog's appearance, whether you can put your own ads or not, how detailed you can change your blog's setting and so on. 

  However, you must know the details of the famous blog hosting websites available and choose wisely when starting a blog. You must select one that fits what you need perfectly. In this post, I will introduce to you some of the FREE ones that I recommend:

1) Blogger
    My blog is currently being hosted by Blogger right now. Why did I choose this? Mainly, it's because the widgets that you can add on Blogger are almost limitless! There are widgets on almost everything, and Blogger will not stop you from using widgets that come from a third-party. Even thought it does not have a wide-variety of template designs anymore, you can make your own design by learning HTML codes and stuff like that. Also, they allow you to put ads on your blog without charging you a fee, unlike WordPress. 

2) WordPress
    This is another strong competitor of Blogger in blog hosting. I've tried it before and what I like about it is that WordPress offers elegant blog templates that can differ in color, pattern and so on. There are also many templates to choose from, so you're bound to find one that suits you. Although there are few widgets to choose from, the limited widgets are very advanced and sophisticated that gives your blog a elegant style. Some third-party widgets are allowed. Sadly, you cannot put ads on your blog unless you buy your own domain from WordPress. 

3) Tumblr
   I tried Tumblr not too long ago just for fun and guess what? They actually show you 30 reasons to like them! I got all interested and started making a blog and trying out the stuff they claim they can do.  First was the templates: they have a really beautiful gallery of templates. The catch? There was a price for most of the nice ones. WHY? Most of the stuff aren't free, but the free stuff  ain't all bad. You can try it for starters, then move on to others.

  Using these tips, find the right blog hosting website for your needs and start expanding your creativity from there! Have fun!