4 Widgets A Blog Should Have

  Widgets have different functions for every blog. Some helps the blog writer, some interacts with the readers, some do NOTHING. Obviously, you would want widgets that help you, right? Here, I'm going to introduce a few widgets that I think are really useful to a blogger.

1) Sharebar

      A sharebar is a widget that allows readers to share your blog to different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Email and so on. Using this sharebar allows your readers to help       you spread the word about your blog easily.

How to Make Readers Feel Comfortable Reading Your Blog

  I've come across blogs that really make me feel uncomfortable when reading it, and decided to stop reading the post. The thing is, there were so many things that irritates a reader in that blog (which I will not mention which). I'm sure sometimes you feel the same way too when reading some blogs, right? In this post, I'll share with you how to make readers feel comfortable when reading your blog! 

1) Don't put too many advertisements
      It's annoying when the whole page is cramped with adverts but you cannot find the real content. Readers tend to hate this as they came to your blog for the content, not for some stupid adverts to annoy them off your blog. Please place adverts moderately and make sure that readers can see your main content. That way, readers will tend to read your adverts along with your content!

2) Tiny fonts
     You know, not just old people have eyesight problems, even young people nowadays do. So please, please, please put your font BIG enough for people to read. I don't want to squint my eyes figuring out what word that is when reading a blog.

3) Too much BLARING colours
      It's understandable if you want to emphasize a part on your blog and you highlight it with colours. But a whole blog filled with blaring colours? I don't think that's good. You see, sometimes the colours from the background will outshine your content and makes it hard to read. 

4) Share a bit of your life
      I find myself smiling at the computer screen sometimes when blog writers share a touching, heart-warming or even an embarrassing moment in their life. This makes me feel somehow connected to the blog writer and naturally makes you comfortable and want to read more.

  That's about it. If you have anything you'd like to add please do in the comments section below.