Website/Blog Header Designing Tips

  When you want to present your website to visitors, the simplest way is to use your blog header. Thus, it is very important that your website header can get the message across to your visitors easily.

Which is more attractive? 
  They say a picture is a thousand words. So what are you going to write on that picture? Here is what messages a good website's header should bring : 

1) Your website's content in a nutshell
      A website header should always have the overall review of your website's contents, either through letters or by pictures. When your website header is attractive and brings the message clear enough, this gives visitors a feeling that you are professional and serious in your work.

2) Positive thinking and better reputation
      If your website's header can make the visitor look at it, you can tell them what your website is about through your header. Beautiful designs may also make the visitor think positively about your website and can increase your reputation.

3) 'You should stay!'
       A well-designed header should have that 'this-website-is-awesome-and-you-should-stay' effect. When a website header is professionally designed, this gives a good feeling to the visitor and makes people want to stay!

On my next post, I'll teach a bit on how to design a website header!


Anonymous said...

About your header, I would prefer the simple one. The fancy one? Not really good. I am sorry it looks kind of like someone puked on my screen.

Wong Zhiwei said...

Nah it's ok. It's your preference. I think it's too flashy too, so I'm trying to design my own one now.

Jeremy said...

same, your second one is...too...erm. nevamind lol. i prefer the first one.

Amarillo web design said...

Learning the basic and checking out various portfolios can help you out when looking for inspirations for catchy logos and taglines. There are various styles and processes to be learned if you want to stand out from the huge crowd of web designers.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you're providing design "tips", yet you violate the most basic assumption: that blue underlined text are clickable links!

Graphic Design Inspiration said...

About your header, I would prefer the first one.

website design said...

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