How to Increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  SEO is important when it comes to getting traffic for your blog. Basically, SEO is  like increasing your website's 'popularity' when people search a keyword related to your website. The higher your SEO is, the higher chances of people seeing your blog when they search a keyword in a search engine (Google, Digg, Bing, Yahoo Search etc.), thus grabs more attention from search engines to your blog.
But first, you have to submit your blog to search engines. For Google, you can add it at Here are some of the steps I used:

1) Get a niche blog
       Don't know what niche blogging is? Get a basic coverage about it at my post here. If you get a niche blog, the keyword you choose will be frequently used in the website, thus when people search that keyword, search engine bots will rate your website based on how often the keyword is used. Please do not think of spamming the keyword as bots may detect it and may blacklist your website. 

2) Get a domain (.com, .net etc.)
      Many people don't know that getting a domain name not only gains trust and more variability, but also increases your SEO. When you register a domain name with a keyword, the chances of your website being in the first page when someone searches the keyword is very high. This is because your website is trusted when registered to a domain name, thus makes the search engine bot 'attracted' to your website.

3) Less java, scripts, pictures and animations. More WORDS!!
       Search engines don't use people to operate and find the most appropriate website, instead they use bots, which are faster, more accurate and (sadly) more stupid. They can't see images or java and stuff like that with words in them. So, you shouldn't focus your keyword on those items, but more on the content. To find out how search engines see your blog, check out

  If you want to find out more about SEO, I recommend you to go to


Euniceee said...

thx for sharing... I still dono how to use SEo...HAHA!>.< noob me~

xing said...

thanks for sharing.
i'll take note to increase my seo!

Wong Zhiwei said...

No problem Eunice and Xing! :D

kar xin said...

hey, thanks for sharing, im learning it! XD

Philip Khor said...

well that simply commercializes blogging to the point of business. so i don't really bother about seo as much as previously

SEO Sheffield said...

Is there any web analytics program that doesn't require code to be injected in a web page?