Buying a Domain vs Using a "Free" Domain

   The common question that arises into a blogger's head is whether forking out some money to buy a domain is the right thing, or using the so-called "free" domains (Wordpress, Blogger etc.). There are a few pros and cons of buying a domain and not buying one, and also different factors that affect your choice. So, it is very important that you know your needs and how buying a domain helps you, whether it's worth it spending the money and so on. Let's start with the main differences now : 
When you buy a domain...

1) You own what you write

  When we use a free domain such as Blogger, we are actually using their space, so the content is theirs! The blog host is just like a main plant, and the bloggers are like parasite using their space. So if one day, the blog host decides to shut down, your content goes down along with them. On the other hand, content that you write when you buy a domain is all yours. So you have total control over everything, from design to content. 

2) You get what you want

  Buying a domain gives you full flexibility on a website. From the codes to the designs to the content to... everything! When you use free blog hosts, they curb your creativity by giving you default templates that are hard to modify and may not satisfy you. So if you really want to design your own 100% genuine blog, you might want to buy a domain, own everything there, and start creating awesome content.

When you don't buy a domain...

1) You don't have to spend
  Buying your own domain may cost a lot of money, from hosting to copyrighting. So if you're just a casual blogger just wanting to earn a bit of money from blogging, you do not have to buy a domain. Just get a free domain that allows advertisements and you're ready to go. Although it may be harder to get traffic, it's much cheaper because you're not a serious blogger that hopes to achieve a 4-digit income.

2) There is no rush
  When you don't spend money to buy a domain, you are free to do whatever you like on your blog, unlike those who buy domains. This is because people who buy domains have to frequently update to keep the site active and make their money spent in the domain worthwhile. Bloggers who use free blog hosting, on the other hand, have the flexibility of time as they have nothing to lose when they don't blog.

To wrap things up:

  It really depends on your needs to determine whether you want to buy a domain or not. Based on this few points, I hope I helped you reach a decision quick and precise enough. 


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Useful post!!

Nava Kishnan said...

I bought my domain and its really not that expensive for a year. The advantage is those with their domain gets first preference in the search engine, esp on google.

Wong Zhiwei said...

@Nava : That's true. Buying a domain gives u more credibility as a blogmaster.

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I agree with you buying a domain name is the easiest thing but I feel that where to buy a domain name is not a easiest job?

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