Free Blog/Website Advertising : Entrecard

  Don't you wish you could just advertise your blog without spending much or no money at all? There are websites such as Google AdWords that offer such choices, but they are quite pricey. But now, introducing the FREE way to advertise, Entrecard!!

  The way it works is quite simple: Sign up, submit your blog, create your logo/business card, start advertising! To advertise, you can start by browsing the different categories they have to offer. Then, choose the category that is relevant to your blog. You start of with 200 credits. To earn more, you can either drop cards to other people's blogs or wait for people to advertise on your blog. Once you get more credits, you can advertise on better blogs with more visitors. So what are you waiting for? Join today!


JΞMS£Ɲ said...

I signed up, but they did not approve my blog..:(

lol...did urs get approve?

Wong Zhiwei said...

Yup! They don't like spammers and people who copy stuff so yeah.

Mohamad Hakim said...

I sing up long time ago...
it's really great.. I got traffic to my blog..
but now not use it any more..

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