3 Great Tips to Find the Right Blog Advertising Communities

  1) Find one closer to home.
       What I mean? Find a local blog advertising community. The reasons are simple: First is they use your local currency. It's better to get local currency than foreign currency and going through the trouble to convert it. Also, local blog advertising communities usually arrange blogger events for locals that you can participate. That way, you can meet other bloggers, join contests, publicize your blog and much more. Because it's local, it will be easier for you to participate in those activities. They may also provide sharing platforms where you can meet other local bloggers.

  2) Get proof that they pay.
       What's the point of joining a advertising community that doesn't really pay you? Get proof from friends or other bloggers that use that community to be sure that they really pay. The community's website may also have proof on that. Big companies like Google AdSense are usually trustable. Whatever you do, alway get proof that they pay first.

  3) Compare pay rates.
       Always get a few possible communities, then compare the rates that they pay you. It may sometimes change, but some communities are fixed. Understand their rule and regulations. Don't get overexcited when you see the quantity that they pay you in big print, because there is always a small print to it. Once you confirm the pay rates, compare them and determine the one you want. Even if some blogging communities have larger pay rates, they may be not as attentive and rarely have events. It is up to you to determine what you want as a blogger.


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