Social Websites to Publicize Your Blog

  Social websites play the most important role in making your blog popular. Some of them such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and other websites can really help you improve your blog traffic. Here, I will introduce some of them to you that will help you increase your blog's number of readers.

 1) Facebook
      This is the most well-known social website on the planet! Introducing your link there will enable people all around the world to see it. Thus, it is always good to start here. You can start by getting feedback from your friends and family. They are kinder and friendly to you and you should be able to understand best from their point of view. Once you get their feedbacks and edit it to satisfy them as much as you can, it's time to take it to the next level. Make a Facebook page or group about your blog if you want. Let the public judge your blog and make your blog as close to perfect as you can.

  2) Twitter
        Being the main website for micro-blogging, of course you should post your links there! As a reminder, please do not spam Twitter and save your karma. Doing that just makes people hate your blog. Introducing and spamming is very far apart, so don't make the mistake. You can also use automated posts that connect to your blog. When you post something new, it will automatically appear at Twitter. That way, you can save a lot of time and trouble.

  3) Digg
        Here, you can publish each post you wrote to the world. To attract people using this website, you must learn to use catchy titles and good descriptions. That way, people will get interested and visit your blog for the whole thing. Once you get permanent visitors that follow you, your popularity will increase and if you keep it up, you might be one of the most followed people on Digg. Work hard, because it pays off at the end. Remember to Digg the posts of others to catch their attention.

  4) StumbleUpon
        At first, I really didn't get how StumbleUpon works. But later on, I figured it out and started using it. All you have to do is submit your website to the StumbleUpon directory, or let your readers to it. You can do so by installing a sharebar for your blog. Remember my tutorial on how to do it (You don't? Click here!)? Once you do that, there will be over 10 million people that have a chance to StumbleUpon your blog! I know it sounds impossible that your blog will be chosen, but it has helped increase my traffic! Try it out in the beginning!


ken said...

im using all 4 :)

perondajaketbiru74 said...

im using all but still not really boost my traffic.....sad...

Wong Zhiwei said...

Perondajaketbiru74 (Don't know your name), just be patient and it will work out one day! It's actually quite good after you use it for awhile.

Mohamad Hakim said...

I'am also using all..


Try write good content which will attract readers..

and try promote ur blog at other site, refer this "20+ Website To Promote Your Article"

Wong Zhiwei said...

Nice advice! Learned something new too! Thanks Hakim

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