Strategic Advertisement Positions

  Being a blogger that earns through adverts, you must learn the most STRATEGIC positions to place your adverts where most readers tend to look first! Here is a small chart I made myself to show you roughly where the strategic positions are.

  The ones in black are components of your blog, the ones in orange are the adverts that can roughly catch the readers attention but the one in red is the MOST strategic position to put your adverts. Most readers tend to go straight to the content, but with a slight glance at the header and the sidebar. Thus, adverts close to both of these sections stand a change to attract a reader. But, the most important one is the one nearest to the content, especially on top of the content. Of course, don't try to drown out the main content with your adverts because that won't help you, but the opposite effect will happen. So use this simple tip today to increase your earnings!


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