How to Overcome the Bloggers Block? My 5 Great Tips to Help You!

  Firstly, what is this bloggers block anyway? If you didn't know, the bloggers block is the time when YOU, as a blogger, have nothing to write. No idea, no inspiration, NOTHING! Surely some of you have been in this situation before? Here, I'll tell you my methods of overcoming it! Here they are:

1) Leave the technology.
   Just leave your computer, blogging problems and other technologies. Go outside and get some fresh air (with air pollution now I don't think so, but you get what I mean) or just relax on the sofa. Clear your thoughts. Think about the interesting things that happened to you. That can be your next blog post! Or else, just relax and let the ideas run naturally in you. 

2) Read other people's blogs
   Take a time off from blogging and start being the reader! Some contents that you find interesting may just be your next blog topic, but improved! That way, you provide readers with better information and you can determine the topic you want to talk about easier. 

3) Write about your problems.
   Problems that you find hard to solve can become your next post! Surely someone out there has faced your problem and solved it before! On the other hand, you can also write about how you solved your problem! Helping other people is a great way to keep loyal readers and more traffic and information. (Ironically, I wrote this post about the bloggers block when I was facing it. I wrote about my problem, see?)

4) Look at your old posts.
   It's always useful to look back at your past to get a hang on the present. Go on, have a great laugh on your stupid mistakes that you made before and correct them. Sometimes, you can even improve the post and make it a new one! You can also change the topic slightly (E.g: 'Factors that increase pollution' to 'Ways to decrease pollution'). 

5) Take a small handbook EVERYWHERE you go.
   It's such a frustrating thing when you go somewhere and suddenly thought of an interesting topic to blog about, but nowhere to write it down. Yes, some people will think that 'It's so easy to remember, how can I forget?' or 'Bah! Who needs a handbook? I'm not getting old!'. Even so, there are chances that you will forget the topic, just like a dream. This small action of jotting down everything you want to blog about can be quite annoying, but it really helps when you need it. 


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