Check Your Blog Load Time

  Waiting for blogs to load can be one of the most frustrating experiences of your life - especially when it takes SUPER LONG! This is actually the main reason why most readers
close your blog before actually reading your content. So if this happens, there's no point having great content when no one gets to read it. To check your blog load time, you can use Website Speed Test.

  This is an example of the results: 
  The optimized speed is slightly around 0.3 seconds. Thus, my blog, the BloGuru, is slightly over the limit. If your blog is exceeding 0.5 seconds, 
you should wait for my next post on how to reduce your blog load time!


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Philip Khor said...

My loading time super sucks. btw i used something else, pingdom i think.

ken said...

mine is 58.15 KB 3.12 seconds 0.05 seconds

seems long.. hehe

Vee Eee Technologies said...

Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

Alison Chan said...

Thanks for the info!! 0.13secs, woohoo!!