Why You Shouldn't Get Auto-Generated Traffic

  Don't know what auto-generated traffic is? I'll tell you : it's like those
websites where they use credits systems to encourage you to visit other people's blogs/websites that are linked to them so that you can earn more credits and use them to get other people to visit you back. There was once a Nuffnanger (if you don't know what a Nuffnanger is, just take it as a blogger.) posted something about this great way to generate traffic to your blog for FREE!! 

  I mean, as a person who wants to extend my blog about blog tips, I need traffic (and knowledge) you know? So I checked this post out, and it was related to this website that automatically generates traffic from others using the way I said above. And the thing is : all of the people who commented agreed it worked and started saying their 'thank you's and such. And I was like, 'What? It obviously doesn't help you at ALL (But I guess you feel satisfied  seeing blog traffic coming).'

  And that Nuffnanger actually asked them to just randomly visit sites using the automatic system provided to get more credits and more people visit them! If everyone did this, no one would get any benefits. And no one will ever get benefits from this way of getting traffic, find out why:

1) People who visit your blog just do it for credits, not for your content
      Do you really think that this way actually gets people to read your content? NO IT DOESN'T! They just want the stupid credits that websites has to offer. At the end of the day, visitors actually read NOTHING on your blog. What benefit do you get? Nothing.

2) You shall be BLACKLISTED!!
      No professional online ad company (such as Google Adsense) likes bloggers who use this way to get traffic. It's just not a good way to get traffic. And ads that work base on impression (visitors to your blog) will be cheated of their money.

  Well if you're doing this, I recommend you stop NOW!! 

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Darran said...

I agree. We are more concerned about building a loyal readership. This 'people' visiting your sites will leave it before you can say "subscribe to my RSS feed if you like what you have seen".

Chuckie Cotton said...

What's the point of getting traffic when it is not permenant. I prefer traffic which will be permenant.

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JΞMS£Ɲ said...

Have to get Quality, not Quantity :)