How to Remove Blogger Navbar

  Don't know what a navbar is? It's the small bar that appears above every Blogger's blog. 
  It is also noticeable in the page elements. However, you cannot move or remove the navbar using the normal way. You have to use CSS to edit it to make it become hidden. 
Why you should remove the navbar
  When a visitor sees a navbar, he/she will think that the blog is not professional. When you remove it, your blog will look like a certified self-hosted blog that has better looks! Besides, that navbar is taking up some space up there, where you can put advertisements!
  Here are the steps to remove the navbar (Note: please keep a backup of your blog template before starting):
1) Go to Design > Edit HTML
2) Search (Ctrl + F) for ]]> (There should be only one)
3) Above it, copy this code:
#navbar-iframe {
   display: none !important;
4) Preview your blog. Satisfied? Save template.
   Although the widget will still appear in your page elements, it won't appear in your blog anymore. Like this tutorial? Share it or subscribe to my blog for more updates!


domokun said...

eh then why u urself din remove one?

Wong Zhiwei said...

:P Thanks for reminding!

Anonymous said...

oo it works.. thanks haha

Tutorials Mad said...

Do google prefer removing blogger navbar?? do my blogger blog will get deleted if i remove navbar??? and also please, removing attribution (footer) is ok??

Kwasi Ofosu Sekyere said...

Thanks it worked. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this post in a simple manner which helps a non techie.

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